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Traveler Reviews of Cumberland Lodge

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worse place

Do not ever come and stay in this place. Unless you want ot get robe, stab or break in. Do not forget about the drug dealing outside the rooms. the management knows what is going on, but they do not do anything about.


I just felt like I flushed my money down the toilet. When I arrived, I immediately saw that this place was awful. I have never stayed anywhere where the management did not know their head from their ass. i had to change rooms 3 times. The first room's lock was falling off the door. After I moved to the 2nd room, I found out that it was already rented by someone else, and then when I got to the third room, OMG!!! the rug was so nasty I did not want to take my shoes off. There was no linen, so shower curtain, no towels, no toilet tissue, no soap, no pillows, the door has water damage and someone could look in from the outside and the room smelled it had been closed up for 12 years. I have stayed in a lot of lodges but this one was the worse. I beg you, if you are going down S Cobb Drive in Marietta and you see the sign for Cumberland Lodge, put your foot on the gas and drive by as fast as you can.

This place is the bottom of the barrel

This is the worst place to stay ever they take advantage of people who have no where to stay. The staff are unprofessional lazy and just down right dirty. There are so many roaches I was gonna ask them to pay half of the rent. They are all in the bed refrigerator bathroom shower everywhere. Instead of callin pest control they have the maintenance man spray I dnt really think he is spraying more like probing in peoples rooms. I was given a refrigerator with frozen roaches after I paid for my week I was written up for basically asking for something I paid for. They put misleading ads in a local paper to get you there an upon arriving you see it's all a lie. Please stay clear of this place


This place is a piece of shit!! Dirty ass muthafuckas, dirty ass room, nasty ass roaches JUST NASTY ASS EVERYTHING!! a piss hole for Feliz Navidad ass immigrants!! DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT COME HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO WAKE UP WITH BUG BITES BEHIND YA EARS!

wrongly evicted

I am a single mom with children. I had nothing but problems since I got here in Nov 2012 drug dealing on property management knows but nothing is being done. rules are broken with other tenants and yet they are still here. I have no where to go and Cindy has no understanding of giving me time to get money to find another place. the local news need to know what kind of business is ran in the community. unless you love all the things in a bad area then come here NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM CUMBERLAND LODGE in Marietta,ga

You guys are really being dramatic instead of complaining about the place why don't you do your best to get enough money up to get out of there. Anything is possible and if u were looking for quality maybe you should raise ur price a little higher I mean c'mon u should have stop complaining and just change the situation your in. Have a good day


Upon move in the dread heads next door informed me there was an infant in their room @ 11:25pm & bass booming as it is I can only imagine they told that lie upon observing what could only be my shotgun & rifle move in... makes me miss the days of living off Fulton Industrial. Pimps were quieter! Someone/thing wants me to lose my religion & it an't God

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Cumberland Lodge

Address of Cumberland Lodge
835 South Cobb Drive Southeast,
Marietta, Georgia
USA, 30060
Phone of Cumberland Lodge
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